Cuppa Presets

Now featuring Saved Cuppa Presets! Do you have a prompting series that you use frequently and want to save? Now you can. Head over to the MY SAVED PRESETS navigation in the APP and hit CREATE NEW PRESET. You will be able to enter this preset when building you next article. You can save or […]

General Troubleshooting

Updated July 27th, 2023. We wanted to compile a list of all the issues & accompanying troubleshooting actions that we have seen to date. Cuppa just stops after 150-200 words. This is something we see unfortunately a lot within GPT 3.5. In our testing (which is now in the thousands of articles across GPT 3.5 […]

Open AI Support

One our top support topics! As you know, we currently require customers to have Open AI API access. With this dependency, we wanted to highlight some issues that we’ve seen and also let you know how to troubleshoot any issue. 1. Your OPEN AI Account: No matter your Open AI Account (Non-paid, paid, ChatGPT +), […]