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Step 1: Insert Your Open AI API Keys

No Upsells On Token Usage. No Article Limitations. Your Own Keys for $.05/articles.

Step 2: Set Your Unique Presets

Make Your Content Unique With Open AI API Presets & Your Custom Prompts.

Step 3: Generate Content

Build In Bulk, Build In Programmatic, Or Build In Single Generation Mode. In a couple of minutes, you will have optimized content to review.

Step 4: Edit & Export

Tap Into Our High Powered Editor To Optimize Your Content Before Clicking To Publish. 

Step 5: Community & Marketplace

Chat And Share With Other Cuppa Builders Or Visit Our Marketplace For All Your Web Building Needs.

Streamline Your Content Creation Process

Build Content Fast, Optimize in Our Power Editor, Publish, Rank.

Core Cuppa Features

Own Your Unique Content With Cuppa

We've taken AI Content Generation to the next level. Cuppa offers completely customizable content with a robust set of options and preferences in the prompting series to generate unique output every time. With your own API keys, you can save your wallet and your time with highly curated output.

Core Cuppa Features

Quality Images, Less Fluff & Repetition = Stronger Content

Cuppa technology now includes working with LangChain and several image generators (more here soon with Dall-e 3). Our prompting series and sequence runs through our vector database to reduce fluff and repetition in every single piece of content generated. At the end of the build, dress up your article with a unique placeholder image.   

Core Cuppa Features

A Complete Tool To Edit & Format Your Content

Our platform wouldn't be complete without a powerful editor. Let's face it - AI still needs human touch & edits. With our editor, you can edit and format your content professionally & flawlessly with our new and improved editor. Export your content, publish your content with a click of a button, or send it to Google Docs. 

Core Cuppa Features

Discord Community & Marketplace

Looking for how other builders are generating content? We've got you covered. Our growing discord channel is full of content builders like yourself, sharing tips and tricks for generating high quality output. 

Power User Features


The Ultimate Upgrade for Power Users of Cuppa. If you are looking for a cheat code for optimized content, this upgrade is it. Live access to the web, top SERPs, KW research, Topical Maps, Merchant APIs, FAQs, Sources, Images, and more.

Stop Overpaying On Tokens, Build with Cuppa

Cuppa allows you to access AI Content for the same cost that OpenAI charges you. As OpenAI continues to improve their models, access will continue to get cheaper. 

YOU should realize those savings, NOT your content generator.

Build $.05/articles with GPT-4 Turbo!

Language Compatibility

Supports 33 languages

Your Favorite New Content Platform

We’ve got everything you need to build all of your content.

Write AI Articles & Blogs

Cuppa's bread and butter. We can generate articles and blogs in bulk, programmatically, or even single article generation. 

Build Amazing Buyer's Guides

With Merchant APIs coming soon to our power plan, you can build the ultimate buyer's guide to rank and earn big affiliate commissions.

Cuppa Marketplace

Everything you need to build web content in one place. Links, Authorship, Reviewers, Editing Services and More. Deals and offers from our top vendors and providers.

Power Editing Tools

A complete Frase-like editing tool is the perfect complement to finish your article. Easily share with team members to and edit, optimize, and publish with a click of a button your article. 

SEO SERP Optimizations

With our Power User access, you can build a highly optimized article directly from the SERPs. After you are done, hop over to the editor to finalize your optimizations before publishing.

Custom Outlines with Research Content

Sometimes your articles need to be super specific. With our custom outlines available, you can add in research data to help further customize your unique content. 

An Outpouring of Cuppa Love.

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The Best Part, Cuppa Pricing

1 Simple Annual Plan, One Powerful Monthly Upgrade.

**All plans require Open AI API keys**

Cuppa License (Base Level)

  • 4 Day Free Trial
  • Multisite License
  • DALL·E 3 AI Featured Image
  • WordPress, Google Doc, & All Integrations
  • No Restrictions, No Limitations
  • Customizable Presets & Outlines
  • Image Generation & Robust Editor

Power User Upgrade (Base + Power)

  • 4 Day Free Trial
  • **Requires An Annual Plan License**
  • Everything in Our Standard license +
  • Multiple AI Images & Instant AI Image Creation
  • Access the Live Web & Top SERPs
  • Access Keyword Data, Merchant Data, and More
  • Power Editor for Optimized Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Cuppa before you purchase?

What is Cuppa?

Cuppa is a content platform that utilizes AI and other technologies to build optimized content for your website or brand. We continue to build features and improvements into the platform with the goal to eventually get to a point where all you use is Cuppa for your complete Content Stack. 

What Makes Cuppa Different?

The biggest difference is our platform is built so that it is Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK). With BYOK platforms, there are no upcharges or upsells on token usage with Open AI. Hence the massive price difference between us and our competitors. Cuppa has no article limit, restrictions, or limitations in general* On the Open AI API side, you do have rate limits and token limits in place, but Cuppa will generate as long as those work.  98% of the other AI content generators out there utilize their own enterprise API keys. 

Do I have to upgrade to the power plan?

No, you do not have to upgrade. Cuppa’s core product is still amazing and we will continue to always look for improvements & new features there. 

What is your refund policy?

We have a 4 day free trial. You can cancel at anytime during this free trial, directly in your account, or by reaching out to us via email, discord, or twitter. We do not offer refunds. Please visit our refund policy below. 

ChatGPT+ vs. OpenAI API, Is there a difference?

Yes, these products at the moment are completely separate from one another. For Cuppa to work, you need Open AI’s API access, which you can find here:

Do you have plans that don't require API access?

No, we do not have any plans at the moment that don’t require Open AI API access. 

is Cuppa Available Across the Globe?

Mostly. Unfortunately due to some merchant issues, we had to block a few countries from purchasing or even trialing Cuppa.